R&D Projects

Recent Research Projects

  1. PLLuM - Polish Large Language Universal Model, Ministry of Digital Affairs, 2024
  2. OMINO - Overcoming Multilevel INformation Overload. HORIZON-MSCA-2021-SE-01, grant no. 101086321, 2023-26, PI.
  3. Programme International Co-Financed Projects no. 573977 (support for OMINO - Overcoming Multilevel INformation Overload), 2023-26, Minister for Education and Science, PI.
  4. Personalized reasoning in Natural Language Processing, Research project funded by National Science Centre, no 2021/41/B/ST6/04471, 2022-26, PI. Topics cover subjective text perception, among others hate speech, offensiveness, emotions, sense of humor, sentiment, sarcasm and irony, controversy, conformity, toxicity, aggression, personal attack, hope speech, counterspeech, cyberbulling, antagonistic speech, provocative and obscene language, slur usage, unpalatable questions, inflammatory text, etc.
  5. Affective computing: deep learning in emotion recognition from physiological signals. Research project funded by National Science Centre, no 2020/37/B/ST6/03806, 2021-25, PI.
  6. Detection and prediction of hypoglycaemia for diabetics, 2021-
  7. Temporal complex networks, 2014-
  8. Diffusion processes in networks, spread of information, 2013-
  9. Analysis of social media and social communities, 2010-

Past Projects

  1. Crisis Detector, NCBR, 2023, in co-operation with PSMM, contractor.
  2. CLARIN-PL-Biz - Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, 2020-23, contractor.
  3. AI-Tech - Academy for Innovative Digital Applications, 2021-23.
  4. Research grants evaluation, 2016-23.
  5. Models, methods and algorithms of computational network science, research project funded by National Science Centre, no 2016/21/B/ST6/01463, 2017-21, PI.
  6. Representation learning for complex structures - temporal trade networks, for Tradeteq, UK, 2019
  7. RENOIR - Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015, 2016-19, no. 691152, partner PI.
  8. The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education fund for supporting internationally co-financed projects in 2016-2019, agreement no. 3628/H2020/2016/2, PI
  9. Machine learning methods for complex networks, research project funded by National Science Centre, 2014-17, PI.
  10. Sentiment analysis, 2013-19
  11. Analysis of multilayer networks, 2008-18
  12. ENGINE - European research centre of Network intelliGence for INnovation Enhancement, FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1, Coordination and Support Action, 2013-16, no. 316097, coordinator.
  13. TRANSFoRm - Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe, ICT-2009.5.2 - ICT for Patient Safety, FP7 247787, 2011-15.
  14. CLARIN - Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure, 2014
  15. Multiply model prediction for dynamic regression problems, research project funded by National Science Centre, 2011-14.
  16. Big data in banking, Alior Bank, 2013.
  17. Preparation and delivery of algorithms and mathematical models for xDSL services pre-qualification, TPSA (Polish Telecom), 2012-13.
  18. Data mining in complex social network systems, The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant, 2010-13.
  19. DEMI - Debt Evaluation Model Improvement (systems for debt portfolio valuation), a research project for the Kruk S.A. company, 2011-13
  20. Sequential structured prediction using machine learning methods, supervisor research project funded by National Science Centre, 2011-12.
  21. "Green Transfer" funded by The Office for Cooperation with Universities at Wroclaw City Hall, 2011-12.
  22. "MATURE - Continuous social learning in knowledge networks", Integrated Project no. 216356, 7FP ICT-2007.4.1, 2008-2012, Associated Partner.
  23. Node classification in social/complex networks (collective classification, relational classification), 2010-12
  24. Evaluation of organizational structure based on social network analysis, 2010-2012
  25. "GRASP# - Groups, Relationships and Activities of Suspected Persons", Ministerial Development Project (The National Centre for Research and Development), in co-operation with Research & Engineering Center REC and Telnet, 2009-11.
  26. "SoDiG - Social Values in Dynamic Groups", in co-operation with British TelecomIntelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2008-09.
  27. "Repayment Prediction for Debt Portfolio", in co-operation with Kruk S.A., 2008-09.
  28. "SocLaKE - Social Latent Knowledge Explorator", 2009-11.
  29. "XML in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and web services", together with Software Konferencje, 2003-10.
  30. Course "data mining" at Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, 2009.
  31. "Data Mining Methods in Recommender Systems", the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant no. N516 037 31/3708, 2006-09.
  32. "CollKAP - Advanced Methods in Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition and Processing, Initial Training Network (ITN)", 2008, submitted project, call FP7-PEOPLE-ITN-2008, coordinator.
  33. Personalized web advertising, for a US start-up company, member of the advisory board, 2008.
  34. Grant for the grant, MNiSW, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant no. 881/GG 7.PR UE/2008/7, 2008.
  35. European FP6 Network of Excellence Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems, our interests focused on social networks, 2005-08, project no. FP6-2002-IST-1-13569.
  36. "Social Networks in Telecommunication", in co-operation with British TelecomIntelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2007-10.
  37. Network motifs in social networks, 2008-10.
  38. Analysis of social position of individuals in the social network, 2005-09.
  39. Sequential patterns with negative conclusions, 2007-09.
  40. Certification in "data warehouses and data mining" in co-operation with SAS Institute Inc., 2005-10.
  41. Positive and negative association rules in the evaluation of exiting relationships between objects, 2005-09.
  42. Clustering of dynamic groups based on swarm intelligence methods, 2008.
  43. Assessment of hyperlinks usability based on web log analysis, in co-operation with some Dutch companies, 2005-08.
  44. Master programme in "software engineering" in Ukraine, 2007-08.
  45. "MDB - Modular Databases", in co-operation with Siemens, 2006.
  46. IDARM - Indirect Association Rules Mining, 2005-07.
  47. Course "data warehouses and data mining" at Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, 2005.
  48. Personalized integration of recommendation methods in e-commerce, 2004.
  49. Web tourist portals, in co-operation with Poland.com, 2004.
  50. Extraction of indirect links from data about web usage, the WUT research grant no. 332024, 2004-05.
  51. Method for product recommendation in e-commerce that integrates user behaviours, user queries, web content, and databases containig product data, 2004.
  52. "AdROSA - Advertising ROSA", an adaptive system for personalized web advertising. A prototype was partly implemented in co-operation with Poland.com, 2003-04.
  53. "ROSA - Remote Open Site Agents" - web recommender system, Fujitsu Spain. A system prototype was incorporated into this web site for several years but unfortunately it is not maintained any more, 2002-04.
  54. XML in electronic data interchange (EDI), e-documents, 2003-04.
  55. Security of XML documents, 2003.
  56. Weaknesses of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), 2002-03.
  57. Analysis of intrusion detection methods (IDS), intrusion detection with the use of Bayesian networks, 2002-03.
  58. Clustering of hypertext documents based on flow equivalent trees, the WUT doctoral research grant no. 331793, 2000.
  59. "Skarbnik - home accounting system". The system is still being developed by InsERT, 2000.
  60. "RCS - management system for integration of network marketing", American Austrian Corporation "RAINBOW", 1994-2000.
  61. "DKS - marketing and sales management system", American Austrian Corporation "RAINBOW", 1991-2000.
  62. "SMAC - microcomputer system for management of serials", grant of State Committee for Scientific Research, 1990-92.