R&D Projects

Recent Research Projects

  1. Affective computing: deep learning in emotion recognition from physiological signals. Research project funded by National Science Centre, no 2020/37/B/ST6/03806, 2021-24, PI.
  2. Personalized classification of subjective textual content, controversy, conformity, aggresiveness, hate speech, sentiment, sense of humor, emotions, 2020 -
  3. CLARIN-PL-Biz - Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure, Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego, 2020-23
  4. Models, methods and algorithms of computational network science, research project funded by National Science Centre, no 2016/21/B/ST6/01463, 2017-20, PI.
  5. Science evaluation, 2016-
  6. Temporal complex networks, 2014-
  7. Diffusion processes in networks, spread of information, 2013-
  8. Analysis of social media and social communities, 2010-

Past Projects

  1. Representation learning for complex structures - temporal trade networks, for Tradeteq, UK, 2019
  2. RENOIR - Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015, 2016-19, no. 691152, partner PI.
  3. The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education fund for supporting internationally co-financed projects in 2016-2019, agreement no. 3628/H2020/2016/2, PI
  4. Machine learning methods for complex networks, research project funded by National Science Centre, 2014-17, PI.
  5. Sentiment analysis, 2013-19
  6. Analysis of multilayer networks, 2008-18
  7. ENGINE - European research centre of Network intelliGence for INnovation Enhancement, FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1, Coordination and Support Action, 2013-16, no. 316097, coordinator.
  8. TRANSFoRm - Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe, ICT-2011.11.3: Supplements to Strengthen Cooperation in ICT R&D in an Enlarged European Union, FP7 247787, 2011-15.
  9. CLARIN - Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure, 2014
  10. Multiply model prediction for dynamic regression problems, research project funded by National Science Centre, 2011-14.
  11. Big data in banking, Alior Bank, 2013.
  12. Preparation and delivery of algorithms and mathematical models for xDSL services pre-qualification, TPSA (Polish Telecom), 2012-13.
  13. Data mining in complex social network systems, The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant, 2010-13.
  14. DEMI - Debt Evaluation Model Improvement (systems for debt portfolio valuation), a research project for the Kruk S.A. company, 2011-13
  15. Sequential structured prediction using machine learning methods, supervisor research project funded by National Science Centre, 2011-12.
  16. "Green Transfer" funded by The Office for Cooperation with Universities at Wroclaw City Hall, 2011-12.
  17. "MATURE - Continuous social learning in knowledge networks", Integrated Project no. 216356, 7FP ICT-2007.4.1, 2008-2012, Associated Partner.
  18. Node classification in social/complex networks (collective classification, relational classification), 2010-12
  19. Evaluation of organizational structure based on social network analysis, 2010-2012
  20. "GRASP# - Groups, Relationships and Activities of Suspected Persons", Ministerial Development Project (The National Centre for Research and Development), in co-operation with Research & Engineering Center REC and Telnet, 2009-11.
  21. "SoDiG - Social Values in Dynamic Groups", in co-operation with British TelecomIntelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2008-09.
  22. "Repayment Prediction for Debt Portfolio", in co-operation with Kruk S.A., 2008-09.
  23. "SocLaKE - Social Latent Knowledge Explorator", 2009-11.
  24. "XML in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and web services", together with Software Konferencje, 2003-10.
  25. Course "data mining" at Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, 2009.
  26. "Data Mining Methods in Recommender Systems", the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant no. N516 037 31/3708, 2006-09.
  27. "CollKAP - Advanced Methods in Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition and Processing, Initial Training Network (ITN)", 2008, submitted project, call FP7-PEOPLE-ITN-2008, coordinator.
  28. Personalized web advertising, for a US start-up company, member of the advisory board, 2008.
  29. Grant for the grant, MNiSW, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant no. 881/GG 7.PR UE/2008/7, 2008.
  30. European FP6 Network of Excellence Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems, our interests focused on social networks, 2005-08, project no. FP6-2002-IST-1-13569.
  31. "Social Networks in Telecommunication", in co-operation with British TelecomIntelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2007-10.
  32. Network motifs in social networks, 2008-10.
  33. Analysis of social position of individuals in the social network, 2005-09.
  34. Sequential patterns with negative conclusions, 2007-09.
  35. Certification in "data warehouses and data mining" in co-operation with SAS Institute Inc., 2005-10.
  36. Positive and negative association rules in the evaluation of exiting relationships between objects, 2005-09.
  37. Clustering of dynamic groups based on swarm intelligence methods, 2008.
  38. Assessment of hyperlinks usability based on web log analysis, in co-operation with some Dutch companies, 2005-08.
  39. Master programme in "software engineering" in Ukraine, 2007-08.
  40. "MDB - Modular Databases", in co-operation with Siemens, 2006.
  41. IDARM - Indirect Association Rules Mining, 2005-07.
  42. Course "data warehouses and data mining" at Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, 2005.
  43. Personalized integration of recommendation methods in e-commerce, 2004.
  44. Web tourist portals, in co-operation with Poland.com, 2004.
  45. Extraction of indirect links from data about web usage, the WUT research grant no. 332024, 2004-05.
  46. Method for product recommendation in e-commerce that integrates user behaviours, user queries, web content, and databases containig product data, 2004.
  47. "AdROSA - Advertising ROSA", an adaptive system for personalized web advertising. A prototype was partly implemented in co-operation with Poland.com, 2003-04.
  48. "ROSA - Remote Open Site Agents" - web recommender system, Fujitsu Spain. A system prototype was incorporated into this web site for several years but unfortunately it is not maintained any more, 2002-04.
  49. XML in electronic data interchange (EDI), e-documents, 2003-04.
  50. Security of XML documents, 2003.
  51. Weaknesses of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), 2002-03.
  52. Analysis of intrusion detection methods (IDS), intrusion detection with the use of Bayesian networks, 2002-03.
  53. Clustering of hypertext documents based on flow equivalent trees, the WUT doctoral research grant no. 331793, 2000.
  54. "Skarbnik - home accounting system". The system is still being developed by InsERT, 2000.
  55. "RCS - management system for integration of network marketing", American Austrian Corporation "RAINBOW", 1994-2000.
  56. "DKS - marketing and sales management system", American Austrian Corporation "RAINBOW", 1991-2000.
  57. "SMAC - microcomputer system for management of serials", grant of State Committee for Scientific Research, 1990-92.